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COMMUNITY planting .

The program itself imitates Jesus when He gathered 12 people to become His disciples and formed a small community. In this community, Jesus attended His disciples through understanding, building relations, teaching, even challenging them and ultimately sending them. The result? The 12 disciples were rooted in faith, grew in fraternity, and became fruitful in their work for the Church and their fellowmen. It all started with 12 disciples who were called and attended in a community.


Community Planting is an accompaniment program designed for youth and their mentors in parishes, dioceses, or educational institutions whose goal is to form a community of Jesus’ disciples who actively participate in the Church and the local community. 


Several challenges that often impede when serving Catholic youth:

  • Lack of effective program for Catholic youth

  • Resource limitation that causes lacking of vision, concept and continuous systematic guidance program for the youth.

  • A number of catholic youth feel lost without guidance.

  • A number of catholic youth feels they are not properly accommodated or included in the Church programs.

why community planting

Development of Community Planting program could offer solution to the above-mentioned challenges because:  

Cultivating Catholic youth in community

Catholic youth are being nurtured in small community, by providing spiritual formation system for the youth, training and accompaniment for catholic youth mentors, as well as modules and materials that are prepared in accordance and in cooperation with Catechetic Commission of Episcopal Conference of Indonesia (KWI), Youth Commission of Episcopal conference of Indonesia and Biro Nasional Kepausan Indonesia.

Mentoring the youth mentors

One of the most important aspects in nurturing the youth is the presence of mentors who exhibit their Catholic faith. Therefore, mentors need to be prepared and accompanied, especially in relation to their role and responsibility in building good relation, as well as on how to communicate teachings of Catholic faith in relevant and effective manner.

Relevant and applicable programs and resources 

Catholic Church is abundant in faith and moral teachings. Domus Cordis has been working with this opulence and turning it into programs and resources that are both applicable and relevant, while making sure they are being delivered in language and style suitable for the youth.

Mobile Phone


On how to build a community planting, and where to start...



Catholic youth need to go through dynamics in a community with clear direction that is aligned with local Church mission, while consistently living up to their charism and works.


A once off meet up or activity is insufficient to nurture catholic youth. There needs to be an intensive accompaniment through building relation over a period of time.


To be fruitful for the Church and for their fellow being, the youth needs to be directed to heartily develop their relation with Jesus.

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Krismapedia is a preparation program towards receiving Sacrament of Affirmation, as well as youth faith development. Krismapedia presents the core of Catholic faith packed in such depth, style, and media suitable for teenagers of this era, in order to make the content understood correctly, easily while keeping it pleasant.

One of the products is Krismapedia book which is widely used in cell meetings in Community Planting program.

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Krismapedia products consist of

Participant Book

Catechist Book

Catechism Movie

Reflection Material

Practical Application

Data Analysis & Follow-up Program

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